Shahroudi almond trade market in 2021

Shahroudi almond seedling is a type of almond that is of Iranian origin and is of late flowering type. This seedling has a heavy skin and bears fruit when it is one year old. It is considered a bitter almond family, but it has a sweet and delicious nut. The fruit of this tree has a core between thirty-five to forty percent and its yield depends on the amount of care of the tree in terms of fertilization and irrigation and strengthening its roots. The height of the tree in suitable and flat lands sometimes reaches six to eight meters. For more information about Shahroudi almond trade market in 2021, visit our site.

Shahroudi almond trade market in 2021

Is it OK to eat almonds everyday?

Is it OK to eat almonds everyday? The fruit of this tree had an almost thin green bark and a thick woody bark. This tree has two types of pollinators and pickers, the pollinator cultivars of which are Shahroud 18, Shahroudi 15, Shahroudi 21, Shahroudi 17 and Shahroudi 12. And from seedlings of cultivars one to twelve are pollinators Shahroudi almond seedling has two reproductive and vegetative stages. Its vegetative stage includes leaf bud blossoming, blossoming, leaf growth, branch growth, leaf yellowing and fall. The reproductive stage includes the emergence of fruit buds, flowering, flowering, fruit formation, growth and fruit ripening. Winter cold tolerance, for this example of trees, up to twenty degrees Celsius is comfortable and suitable and they need this cold for germination.

The required temperature of Shahroudi almond seedlings is about one hundred to seven hundred hours. The tolerance of this tree to winter cold is much more than other examples of almond tree. And if this cold is gradual, it can tolerate more than -20 degrees Celsius. How to take care of Shahroudi almond seedlings The planting distances of these seedlings are such that they are planted at a distance of four meters from each other in flat fields and in steep lands in Mecca, they should be planted at a distance of three meters from each other. This tree is 2000 to 3600 kg in terms of yield per hectare, which means that it is at least two tons, and the more it is taken care of, the higher its yield. The method of planting Shahroudi almond seedlings is that at the same time as planting the main pollinator cultivar, two cultivars should be planted. So that the total opening time of them is also together.

Shahroudi almond seedlings need to be watered during seven months of the year in such a way that in the three months of spring, they must be watered once every ten days and reduce this amount of time during the summer until the end of October, ie about once a week. To irrigate. Shahroudi almond seedlings need pruning and are usually pruned in late summer to form and pruned in late autumn and late winter for fruiting. About two weeks after the petals fall, the Shahroudi almond tree needs to be sprayed with an antifungal drug to protect it from mites, parasites and worms. For more information about almond benefits, visit our site.

Trade marketing of Shahroudi almond in 2021

Trade marketing of Shahroudi almond in 2021 According to field and microscopic studies, it can be said that the best time for pollination to form a suitable fruit in Shahroud 12 cultivar in climatic conditions such as Karaj is between the second and fourth days after flowering. Late pollination of this cultivar greatly reduces the yield and is not recommended. According to the determined effective pollination period (2-4 days), flowering overlap of pollinator cultivars and Shahroud 12 cultivar is necessary to increase the crop. For more information on how to eat almond and Trade marketing of Shahroudi almond in 2021, visit our site.