Shahrodi Almond profit growth in 2021

Shahrodi Almond with a variety of flavors of salt, saffron, pepper and…, including foreign seeds imported to Iran, which is sold online in bulk and in part. Almond is one of the new flavors of roasted Almond that has found many fans and many packaging companies choose this flavor for packaging their brand because, in addition to the taste, it also has a beautiful color. Raw almonds are imported to Iran and the production of roasted Shahrodi is done depending on the producers’ knowledge of the taste of the domestic sales market.

Shahrodi Almond profit growth in 2021

The specifications of Shahrodi Almond

The specifications of Shahrodi Almond As mentioned above, Almond are mostly produced in India. But in Iran, in southern regions such as Chabahar, this product has been cultivated and harvested. It is interesting to know that this product is smuggled into Iran. Shahrodi Almond have a very high nutritional value. And it has fiber, minerals and vitamins. Almonds have countless properties, including:

  • Regulation of blood pressure
  • Heart health
  • Strength of teeth
  • Bone strength
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • The fat in almonds is saturated
  • Cancer prevention
  • and has no cholesterol.

As you know, due to exchange rate fluctuations and its instability, the prices of various nuts, especially raw Shahrodi, have increased significantly. Since this product is imported from India, the increase in the dollar rate has caused the price to increase in Iran. It can also be said that climate change and cold has not been ineffective in reducing this crop. This issue has also increased the price of this product. This price increase has reduced people’s attention to buying it or even removed it from the consumer basket of some readers. It should be noted that the roasted and salty type is more expensive than the raw type. Types of nuts include almond kernels, pistachio kernels, hazelnut kernels, raisins, and walnuts. Nuts have a lot of fans among the people. Each dried fruit has different prices depending on its quality and type. Of course, it should be noted that the size of the brain and color also affect its price. Due to the fact that Iran is one of the producers of dried fruits such as almonds and almond kernels, pistachios, raisins, dates, ghee leaves and apricots.

But it is interesting to know that not all dried fruit items are made in Iran and some types of dried fruits such as Almond are imported. And each has numerous properties, but it is recommended that you do not overdo it. As mentioned, most of the cashew nuts are imported from India and some of them are smuggled into Iran. In buying nuts, if it goes hand in hand and reaches the people through several intermediaries, it will definitely have a higher price. By buying these products directly from the gardener, you can buy the products at a cheaper price. As mentioned, the purchase of nuts in bulk or in different types of packaging also varies in price. It is worth mentioning that with the lifting of sanctions, the demand for dried fruits has increased and the Iranian dried fruit market has enjoyed a certain prosperity. Among the dried fruits, pistachios, walnuts, and raisins have the most demand. Most of these products are exported to China, Japan, India and European countries..

Profit growth of Shahrodi Almond in 2021

Profit growth of Shahrodi Almond in 2021 shahrodi Almond supply is done all over the country with high quality and reasonable price. Shahrodi Almond, which is a very popular nut seed not only in Iran but also in many parts of the world, is exported to other countries by countries such as India, Brazil, Vietnam and others.

Fresh Shahrodi Almond are sold packaged and in bulk. Which usually Shahrodi Almond nuts packed in small and warm sizes, which are also offered directly in stores and supermarkets. Almonds are grown in countries with warm climates and have good yields, but as you know, Iran is a country of four seasons and some of its southern regions have hot and humid climates, which are favorable conditions for Shahrodi Almond trees. Chabahar city is one of these areas. Production of high quality almonds has started in Iran, but the production capacity has not yet reached the level of domestic consumption capacity and it is not possible to export it. Buy Shahrodi Almond type from this collection with excellent quality and reasonable price.