Shahrodi Almond export business

Resistance of Almond 12 Shahroudi against pests and diseases This cultivar is resistant to the pest of almond-eating bees and also the disease of brick spot, so considering the desirable characteristics of this cultivar such as: flowering time, quality and yield for planting in many Recommended areas. For more information about Shahrodi Almond export business, visit our site.

Shahrodi Almond export business

Unique Characteristics of Shahrodi Almond

Unique Characteristics of Shahrodi Almond Benefits of pruning for almond trees Almond tree pruning is done to guide its growth and fertility. Pruning trees has many benefits, some of which we will mention here: Remove dry, damaged and extra branches in order to maintain the health of the trees Removing and thinning extra branches facilitates the entry of light and air into the canopy Shaping the crown of a tree Balance between reproductive and vegetative growth of the plant Pruning and gradual removal of old branches in order to rejuvenate trees and produce new branches Increase the life and strength of the almond tree By performing root pruning, a balance is established between the crown of the tree and the root Shahroudi Almond Harvest Harvesting is done in two ways: one green (clump), two woody fruits (harvesting was done until the end of October), rain-fed almonds bear fruit faster than almonds that grow during the irrigation process.

How to prepare and buy Shahroudi almond seedlings 12 Arghavan Nursery is one of the reputable nurseries for preparing almond seedlings Shahroudi 12, which is active in the field of preparation and sale of seedlings throughout the country and sends its products throughout Iran in the shortest period of time. Tree profile Growth rate and habit: It has a medium-sized tree with extensive growth habit, the branches are slightly drooping. Fruiting form: Spore type Yield: Relatively good The average yield per hectare is 2100 kg.

Pruning: Almond tree does not need much annual pruning after fertilization, because it has a relatively large fruiting surface. You do not need to thin the fruit to make the fruits bigger. The risk of breaking the branch under the load is very low and there is no need for the fruiting branch to be short for harvesting. According to the above, it is better to gently prune the almond trees every two or three years and remove the dry, diseased and pest-prone branches. Removal of male branches and replacement of old branches with young branches are other measures that should be done. Feeding: Feeding in almond orchards with the onset of fruiting is based on the fertilizer needs of almond trees and according to the decomposition of soil and leaves.. For more information about Shahrodi Almond price, visit our site.

Export business of Shahrodi Almond

Export business of Shahrodi Almond Export business of Shahrodi Almond by our company is possible. This type of product has been able to take a special place in the market in a short time, so our collection exports this product to European countries, so you can for more information about Shahrodi Almond trade Visit our site.