Shahrodi Almond export in bulk

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Shahrodi Almond export in bulk

Where is the origin of Shahrodi Almond

Where is the origin of Shahrodi Almond The origin of this almond is unknown and it is one of the late flowering and late ripening cultivars. It is semi-stony and self-incompatible with the bark of the wooden fruit. It is one year old and spores. This cultivar is produced in Firooz Gharadaghi seedling and nursery.

In most cases, the twin kernels of Shahroudi almond seedlings reach 28%. The main base of Shahroudi almond seedlings is bitter almonds and its kernel is sweet. Almond tree has distinct stages of vegetative and reproductive phenology. Vegetative stages include leaf bud formation, leaf bud blossoming, leaf emergence, branch growth, wood ripening, leaf yellowing. It is a fruit. Shahroudi almond tree needs a cold period in winter for proper germination and Almond wholesale distributes the most delicious product.

. Due to the fact that today this factory has been able to have a significant share in the production and sale of various products in the country and abroad by using specialized and efficient and motivating forces.

Exporting Shahrodi Almond in bulk

Exporting Shahrodi Almond in bulk Exporting Shahrodi Almond in bulk is done by reputable manufacturing companies and Shahroudi almonds are exported to countries that want this product in high volume and at the current rate. This product is produced by the best specialists in various and beautiful packages and is packaged for export to other countries with the high quality that is included in its efficiency.

This product is being exported to other countries such as neighboring countries and European countries. The price of these products is higher than normal models due to their excellent quality and due to their better performance and longer durability. As this product has a high sensitivity during transportation, it is taken out of the border by the best vehicles and with special caution and reaches the customers abroad. In introducing and recognizing domestic products, traders are very experienced who have a great impact on the sale and supply of this product to foreign markets and Almond suppliers distribute the best type of goods.

This company is the largest exporter of almonds in the world that has been able to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets. The product of this factory is one of the most prestigious brands with quality and well-made, which has been variously designed according to the tastes of its buyers.