Shahrodi Almond wholesale suppliers

Almond is one of the most valuable agricultural products produced in Iran, which has excellent marketing in domestic and foreign markets. Almonds have different cultivars, each of which has unique characteristics. Shahrodi tree almond is one of the best selling almond cultivars.

Shahrodi Almond wholesale sends this product in high quality and reasonable prices to markets all over the country to meet the needs of the people for this product.

Shahrodi Almond wholesale suppliers

What is the benefit of Shahrodi Almond?

What is the benefit of Shahrodi Almond? Cultivation of almond trees has been common in Iran since ancient times. One of the reasons for the development of this product in Iran is the resistance of this tree to semi arid conditions. Iran has a large area under cultivation of this product and therefore, in addition to meeting domestic needs, it also exports it to all over the world. The dryness of the almonds and the easy transportation of this crop have encouraged farmers to plant its trees.

Almonds have different cultivars and each of them is different in terms of fruit wood bark, taste and size. Shahrodi tree almond is one of the best cultivars of this product, which is very suitable for planting in mountainous and cold regions, because it blooms late and therefore the flowers of this tree are protected from the early spring cold. Due to the hard peel of the fruit, this product is very suitable for long distance transportation. The origin of this cultivar is Iranian almond and it has a sweet and delicious taste.

almond nutrition due to its richness in a variety of minerals and vitamins, it is very useful for the human body. almond calories is very high and therefore nutritionists recommend that children use this type of nuts for their daily energy instead of consuming harmful snacks. Almonds and their products, due to their beneficial vitamins for the skin, contribute to the health and beauty of the skin of the hands and face. Almonds are very easy to digest and have laxative properties, so this product is also used to treat gastrointestinal diseases.

Almonds are used in various industries of cooking, pharmaceutical, confectionery, cosmetics, oil and so on. Almond slices are one of the most important products of this product, which is used for confectionery and has many fans.

Bulk supplying of Shahrodi Almond

Bulk supplying of Shahrodi Almond Almonds are harvested in late spring and after harvest may be sent directly to markets or processed in various ways. Many criteria are effective in determining the final price of almonds, which can be referred to the size and type of this product. Almond Shahrodi is in great demand in the market and the kernel of this product is widely used in nuts. Shahrodi almond suppliers distribute this product mainly in markets all over the country.